Our Fencing Club and Coaches  Are Ready For You!

Profencing - Fencing Training Center offers members an array of classes and schedules to practice their best fencing moves on. We have a flexible training program specially designed to fit yours or your child's needs. Stop by and take a tour of Profencing - Fencing Training Center today.

The Intro/Beginner class is the starting point for anyone new to fencing. Students will learn some the the basic foundations of fencing: the en garde position, simple offensive and defensive actions and safety rules.  All equipment is provided.

Students are required to take at least three sessions of the Beginning class before joining the club and join our Elite Training Program. 

Upon the completion of the introductory classes or camps students can move to the beginning level and  explore the option to join the club to become an elite fencer.  Progression through the stages depends upon the ability of the fencer to meet the requirements of each stage before they can advance to the next. The length of time each student spends in each stage therefore depends on his or her own particular development, state of readiness and number of training sessions per week.

Introductory/Beginner Classes


Thrusting  to hit with the tip only. Main target: The torso

Date                       Time            Day

Sep 7- Oct 5.      2-3 pm.       Sat

Oct 12-Nov 9     2-3 pm.       Sat

Nov 16-Dec 14   2-3 pm.       Sat


Fall 2019

Winter 2019

Date                       Time            Day

Jan 4 - Feb 1       1:15-2:15pm.  Sat

Feb 8 -Mar 7      1:15-2:15 pm.  SaT


Jan 8 -Feb 12.    5:30-6:30pm. Wed

Spring 2020

Date                        Time            Day

Mar 21 -Apr 18    1:15-2:15 pm.    Sat

Apr 25 -May 23  1:15-2:15 pm.    Sat


Cutting and Thrusting with any part of the blade. 

Main target:. From the waist up, arms and mask. 

Date                     Time                   Day

Oct 3-31           6-7 pm.             Wed

Nov 6-Dec 4   6-7  pm.             Wed


Fall 2019

Winter 2019

Date                       Time                  Day

Jan 8- Feb 12   5:30-6:30 pm.   Wed

Feb19 -Mar 18   5:30-6:30pm.   Wed

Spring 2020

Date                        Time               Day

Mar 25-Apr 22   5:30-6:30 pm. Wed

Apr 29 -May 27 5:30-6:30 pm   Wed


Thrusting to hit with the point only.

Main target: the whole body- Feet to head.

Date                       Time            Day

Sep 2-Sep 30 .    7-8 pm.       Mon

Oct 7-Oct 29     7-8 pm.       Mon

Nov 11-Dec 2      7-8 pm.       Mon


Fall 2019

Winter 2019

Date                       Time                  Day

Jan 6 -Feb 3     7-8 pm.         Mon

Feb 10-Mar 9   7-8  pm.        Mon

Spring 2020

Date                       Time                  Day

Mar 23-Apr  20   7-8 pm. Sat

Apr  27-May 25   7-8 pm. Mon



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