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Training to Compete Fencing Camp

Each camper will acquire a better understanding of practice techniques, fundamental actions, bout structure, strategy, tactics and conditioning. The material of the camp program should enable the camper to be more effective in training and competing.  


The camp is specifically designed for all Profencing members to diagnose and recommend technical and tactical objectives to be implemented during training and competitions.


During the camp all members  will be doing a  conditioning and agility test. Each  fencer will receive a training log with recommendations for specifics training loads for each training and competitive period for the whole fencing year ( September to July).

Main objectives:

Part One:  Evaluating and identifying   strengths and weaknesses

    •  Level of physical endurance

    •  Fencing technic and tactics

    • Goals and motivation 


​Part two:  How to design and implement a plan and  for each training period.


  • To teach our fencers the importance of understanding the state of readiness at the physical, technical, tactical and mental level. 

  • Fencers need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and  have a guideline  to plan for their improvement.  Each fencer will set realistic goals and objectives.

  • To teach each fencers to set short and long term goals according to their level and fencing experience.

  • To help each fencer to plan to train to achieve their goals.

Part Three : Training and Fencing Conditioning and games , 

  • Fencing drills to improve defensive and offensive actions

  • Tactical fencing: How to identify foreseen and unforeseen actions. Preparation of false attacks and surprise attacks, controlling the bout, How to fence at the end of the strip or during priority or when they are tired.

  • Sharp bouts, experimental bouts, free fencing


Morning Session 9:00-12:00

Physical Training , Warm-up, stretching, footwork and agility 

•Tactical footworkSpecial emphasis on agility development and bout-relevant mobility drillsDrills and games

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch  and movies

1:30-2:00 Lectures and dialogues on subjects of interest-

2:00-5:00:Warm up games, Tactical fencing Drills and Free Fencing

5:00pm Wick up

This year I would like to be able to invite  a high  qualified fencing  coach from another country or other clubs, to conduct our high level camps. It takes time to organize travel arrangements, visas, etc. for this reason I am requesting all participants to confirm participation by March 15th.


Please download the registration form and submit by March 15th. 

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