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Fencing a healthy life style for life.

Fencing for Adults

Fencing is not only a sport  for kids and teenagers. In fact, fencing has several age group,  all the way to 80 plus.   Anyone can compete at the national and international level in open events or in age group tournaments.  So yes fencing  is fun and is a sport for life, where you can meet incredible people and make everlasting friends, what a best way to spend your free time, sparing with some friends, and having a lot fun. 


The age category is divided as follow:


Seniors: 18-39 years old.

Veterans open: 40 to 70 plus. 

Veterans 40s: 40 to 39 years old

Veterans 50s: 50-59 years old

Veterans 60s: 60-69 years old

Veterans 70s:  70-80 Years old.

Veterans 80s: 80 plus. 

New intro class for Adults 18 and up.

Saturdays 3:30-:4:30 pm

All equipment is provided for two months. 

Fee $ 125/ month. 

Please send us an email or register. 

Open enrollment .

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