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Saber fencers having fun
The Premiere Fencing Club in Central Ohio

It’s a Great Day to Play like a Champion!

Profencing is an official club member of the USFA of the Columbus division, for the learning, practice and enjoyment of the sport of fencing.

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Our Story

Located in Lewis Center, Profencing - Fencing Training Center, provides a safe and healthy environment

for the learning, practice and enjoyment of the sport of fencing. 

Our mission is to offer the sport of fencing, with all its transferable skills for learning and discipline, to a wide range of students across Central Ohio.

Classes are offered at our Fencing Training Center in Lewis Center, and at several schools and recreational Centers throughout Central Ohio.

Profencing provides a welcoming and supporting atmosphere for fencers of all skills, levels and ages and, more importantly, we promote a healthy and active lifestyle among members. 


Kids learning fencing


Foil and Saber  

Our world-class fencing facility is a place for everyone to experience the joys of sport and competition. Profencing - Fencing Training Center offers a variety of  age oriented group and private fencing classes all year round.  


At Profencing  our students and members receive individualized attention and we carefully look out for their continuous progress and enjoyment of the sport  as an active fun and healthy lifestyle.


Profencing welcomes new initiatives and partnerships to help us develop, expand and implement the sport of fencing as another option available in the schools.  

Please contact to start a fencing class at your school or at a community center.


Profencing is also the ideal place for team building meetings, family reunions, birthday parties, and even bachelors and bachelorette parties.


ON GUARD!  Let’s fence !


Kids, Teens & Adults

The principles of Profencing integrate the optimal development -physical and mental- of all participants within a safe and healthy environment for the learning, practice and enjoyment of the sport of fencing.


Active Start

Little Musketeers

Introduction to Fencing

After School Enrichment 

Summer Camps


Beginners and Intermediate  levels

Pre-Elite Classes all levels

Fun Summer Mini Camps

Learn to train and Train to Compete

Advance Competitive 

Youth Elite Fencing

Training Summer Camps

Stay Active for Life

Recreational Fencing all levels

Birthday Parties

Duel for Fun

Corporate Events

Kids fencing-lunges
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